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Dale Chihuly Exhibition David Tower Jerusalem

Dale T. Management (English: Dale Chihuly born 20 July 1941, Tacoma Washington, USA) is an American glass sculptor. He attended the University of Washington in Seattle where he studied interior design, architecture and glass blowing. In 1967 Get an MA in Glass Blowing University of Wisconsin - Madison and in 1968 recei...

temp Dale Management American glass sculptor 
Seattle interior design Architecture blowing 
Madison Rhode island artists Sculptures Exhibition 
tower David Jerusalem Dale Chihuly glass sculptor 
interior design 
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Dale Chihuly  Exhibition David Tower Jerusalem
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David Gerstein

David (Dudu) Gerstein (born 1944 in Jerusalem) is an Israeli artist that deals with sculpture in aluminum, other materials and discusses the painting and illustrate children's books. His works were published around the world and won international awards

David Gerstein Jerusalem Israeli artist sculpture 
aluminumpainting and illustrate David Gerstein 
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David Gerstein
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