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Barcelona, Gaudi, Park Guell

Park Guell (Catalan Parc Guell) is a complex of gardens designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi.
The complex, located in the Carmel Hill placed at the Garcia area in Barcelona. It was built between the years 1914-1900, while in 2005 it was declared by UNESCO organizing as a world heritage site.

Park Guell Catalan Parc gardens designed 
architect Antoni Gaudi Carmel Hill García Area 
Barcelona UNESCO Park Guell Antoni Gaudi 
Carmel Hill 
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Barcelona, Gaudi, Park Guell
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Beijing Airport

Cost a reported 27 Billion Yuan ($3.65 Billion)
Took less than 4 years to build
During construction had 50,000 workers on site
Floor Area 1.3 Million Square Metres
Over 4 Km Long Which Makes It The Worlds Largest Building
Has an Automated People Mover (A P M) which travels at 80 k/hr
Has 84 shops and over 100 ...

Cost a reported 27 Billion Yuan ($3.65 Billion)   
Took less than 4 years to build During 
construction had 50 000 workers on site Floor Area 
1.3 Million Square Metres Over Km Long Which Makes 
It the Worlds Largest Building Has an Automated 
people Mover (A P M) travels at 80 k/hr 84 shops 
and over 100 restaurants 
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Beijing Airport
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