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Sights from Israel

Sights from Israel
Photographed by Avi Sadde

Golan Heights ? Moon rise
Jordan River ? Hapkak bridge
Sunset over the See of Galilee
Western Galilee - Betzet Beach
Naharia ? Lightning at sea
Western Galilee ? view to Haifa bay
Akko walls
Akko ? Spices shop in the market
Akko ? jumping off the walls
Boat in t...

sights from Israel Photographed by Avi Sadde 
Golan Heights  Moon rise Jordan River Hapkak 
bridge Sunset Over the See of Galilee Western - 
Betzet beach Naharia Lightning at sea view to 
Haifa Bay Akko walls Spices shop in market jumping 
off boat Marina Kiryat Haim Oil Refineries Bahai 
Temple Jet ski Oceanographic and Limnological 
Research center Dor Ma’agan Michael Pied avocet Tel 
Aviv kayak Yarkon Crowd Rabin Sq. kayaks Promenade 
IDF show parade Yaffo more.. 
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Sights from Israel
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Beijing Airport

Cost a reported 27 Billion Yuan ($3.65 Billion)
Took less than 4 years to build
During construction had 50,000 workers on site
Floor Area 1.3 Million Square Metres
Over 4 Km Long Which Makes It The Worlds Largest Building
Has an Automated People Mover (A P M) which travels at 80 k/hr
Has 84 shops and over 100 ...

Cost a reported 27 Billion Yuan ($3.65 Billion)   
Took less than 4 years to build During 
construction had 50 000 workers on site Floor Area 
1.3 Million Square Metres Over Km Long Which Makes 
It the Worlds Largest Building Has an Automated 
people Mover (A P M) travels at 80 k/hr 84 shops 
and over 100 restaurants 
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Beijing Airport
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