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Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna Austria

Schonbrunn Palace, the Palace was built during 1696-1712, it contains 1441 rooms while only 40 rooms are open to visitors. who lived in the Palace Libby has been named Empress Sissy, and her husband Emperor Franz Josef.
There were many dance ceremony for the young new nobility of the city, also, the well-known compose...

Schonbrunn Palace Vienna austria Empress Sissy 
Emperor Franz Josef dance ceremony composer Mozart 
Schonbrunn Palace Empress Sissy 
Emperor Franz Josef 
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Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna Austria
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Olympics Games - Beijing Ceremony

Beijing the Olympics game is the most ever invested ceremony.
Thousands of performers and powerful light.

Sideshow made by Gigi

Beijing olympics games sport ceremony Thousands 
performers powerful light. Sideshow made by Gigi 
Beijing Olympics games 
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Olympics Games - Beijing Ceremony
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