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Save Harish

In the Pardes Hana area between the kibbutzim Maanit, Barkay and Metzer there is a forest reserve that is the last of its kind.
In the 18,000 acres reserve there are ancient oaks, rare animals and plants and one of the richest biodiversities in Israel.
The Nature Preservation Society has defined it as being of great to very great natural value.
With a good neighborly relationship, right next to the forest there is a small town of about 300 families: secular, religious, native born Israelis, old immigrants and new immigrants.

But this harmony is going to end very soon

Minister Atias and the Ministry of Housing have already decided ? to establish a huge city with 150,000 residents, there ? intended for Ultra-Orthodox Jews only!

The meaning of this is very clear: devastation of most of the rare nature in the area. Terrible damage to the natural woods and the great biological fabric within it.

And if that is not enough?
The planned Ultra-Orthodox city will expropriate land from agricultural and suburban settlements, and land owned by kibbutzim and Arab towns in the area ? and will hinder the possibility of their future development.

The city will harm the delicate fabric in the area, and
will turn the current settlements into enclaves surrounded
by the huge city.

And due to the fact that it is a city for Ultra-Orthodox Jews only, the residents who are currently living in Harish will literally be driven out of their homes.

?I was brought here to establish a city for 150,000 Ultra-Orthodox Jews. If that does not suit you, go live in Palestine.?
Nisim Dahan, The appointed head of council from Shas.

.?Do not delude yourselves. Not one street or even one house is planned for secular residents. If you want I can convert you, you will have a yarmulke, then you can stay here.?

Yigal Shahar, head of the Planning Committee.

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