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Oymyakon is a village of the Republic of Sakha, which the Russian Far East Russia. Village of about 800 residents living and is considered the coldest inhabited place on earth.
The meaning of the town name is "unfreezing water", due to the hot water springs that in the area. Oymyakon always frozen ground until frost.
Oymyakon is about -640 km northeast of the city Icotesk at Oymyakon area in the Aindigaerka River Valley (Indigirka) at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level.
The city is located between the ridge Verkhoyansk zipped Charles Rasky.
These ridges prevent the flow of hot air.
Although Oymyakon is about -2900 km distant from the North Pole and is located south of the Arctic Circle, it is often measured by the lowest temperature among all the inhabited places on Earth.
The lowest temperature officially measured was 71.2 ° below zero (26 January 1926) and The lowest temperature measured unofficially is 81.2 ° below zero (1916), while the average temperature in January is 50 ° below zero.
Just Vostok, Antarctica have been measured at lower temperatures (89.2 ° degrees below zero).

Summer temperatures can reach up to 35 ° above zero. The temperature difference can reach 100 ° or more between winter and summer in one year.

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